• El Sol Brillante

    A community garden in the East Village

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Directed by Imani Johnson-Bey

The Garden Gang (ESB Documentary)

Click on video below, or for description and further details, visit https://vimeo.com/415629610.
Director: Imani Johnson-Bey
Director of Photography: Bridget Ashvil
Sound: Bridget Ashvil
Editor: Imani Johnson-Bey
Music: Losing Something - The Babe Rainbow, Peace Blossom Boogy - The Babe Rainbow, Butter - The Babe Rainbow
Special Thanks: Devon McCormick, Madi Horstman and Shmoopy the dog, Alexis Adler, and the whole ESB Garden Community

El Sol Brillante wrought-iron fence handcrafted artwork

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A film by Jessica Cochran

El Sol Brillante: NYC Community Garden

For further details, visit https://vimeo.com/367182960