• Membership & Volunteering

Membership & Volunteering

Any community member can become a garden member by signing up at any garden meeting and remaining in good standing for one year.


  1. Pay $30 annual dues at PayPal.me/elsolbrillantegarden. Please mention that you are paying dues in the memo.
  2. Show up to at least three meetings per gardening season.
  3. Volunteer 20 hours each gardening season.
  4. Follow the rules! The garden code of conduct is here. There are also rules posted in the garden that everyone is expected to follow.

At the first meeting you attend in your second year of membership (if you do all the above), you will be awarded full membership, which means you get a key to the garden, you get to vote at meetings, and you’re eligible to take custody of a plot, should one become available.

To sign up for the email list, where all meetings are announced in advance, please email info@elsolbrillante.org.